Wave Panic

Wave Panic

This year, we participated on the epic Global Game Jam. I believe this is the biggest game jam in the world. Let’s talk about numbers: more than 36,000 participants in 702 sites across 95 countries, over 7,000 games created.

Like every year, all people should stick to the jam’s theme: waves.

Yeah, waves. However you want to interpret it. This means, it could be waves on the beach, water waves, sound waves, sin/cos graphs… or the typical mexican wave:

mexican wave

So, it began…

early img

The image above is one of the early paper designs. It’s funny because it looks pretty close to the final result.

An early to-do list

This is an early to-do list. All the game’s concept was too abstract. We needed to land all the ideas into detailed descriptions, models, diagrams. We divided the work: Vincent was creating the character’s models meanwhile I was developing a proof of concept of the game idea.

model in progress
its working

It’s hard to code without any direction, so I like to draw class diagrams. It doesn’t matter if the game is simple, it helps me to have a better idea of what I’m doing, it also improves my memorization. Did I mention I have fish memory span?

class diagram.. kinda

The next pic is a last minute to-do list. We had a harsh time looking for sounds & music. Vincent is an 3D artist, I’m a coder, our team didn’t have any musical talent. The bunch of numbers in the bottom part are my calculations, we added eye tracker device compatibility.

last minute to-do list

At the end, we came up with this videogame:

More information about this game is available here.

Visit our Global Game Jam entry to download this game.

If you want to know more about Vincent’s work visit his facebook profile, he has a lot of cool models made.

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