Sunday Working Meetings

This February I have been busy with my main job: software development. I haven’t had enough time to produce a new video game. However, I’m making little constant progress while trying a new dynamic.

I keep my sunday free of duties, so I can do my two hobbies freely: game development & play video games. If you are following me on any of my social networks, you should have noticed. Otherwise, I explain myself. I record my video game sessions for the lulz. I also upload videos showing any progress made on my video games, for the lulz as well.

Going back to the theme, the new dynamic I’ve been trying this month is to schedule a couple of hours to work on video games. And there’s more. I force myself to wake up early and to go to a coffee shop with food & decent internet access. I extend my invitation to the group of friends who are interested on the game development as well.

So far, it has worked!. This because two main reasons: I reserve a space in the week for this activity; and working with other people in similar stuff really increases your interest.

As Bob Ross once said, “talent is just a pursued interest”. If you surround yourself with people interested on game development, you’ll become in one of them (if you haven’t yet). Eventually you will be good at it. The trick is simple here.