This is the first game of the Valorya series. The Blacksmith is a top-down view action-RPG inspired on classic Zelda games.


  • Explore the world! All the world is unlocked for you right from the beginning.
  • You decide how to beat the game. You choose how and when to finish each quest.
  • Fast-paced battles. No turns, no waiting. The moving and battling system allows you to decide how to face your enemies: rush them or attack them from behind a tree. Create your strategy.
  • Deal with a limited backpack. The inventory might seem limited in features, but this is intended. Think twice before picking every item!


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Original Soundtrack (OST)
Composed by Jose Salcido. Listen for free.
Valorya: The Blacksmith Walkthrough
This is a 100% guide and if you follow all of the pages below, it will cover anything and everything that is to be found within the game.

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